Physicians Realty Trust

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Decommissioned Property

This property is archived and no longer being serviced by Confirmed Life Safety. The contents herein are no longer monitored by our services.

Building Identification

Primary Use: Medical Office

Building Common Name:
Orthopedic One

Ownership Entity: Cardinal Westerville II, LLC

Square Footage: 19,876

Year Built: 2007

Property Management

Audit Completed by Angela Zarate

Phone: 614-452-0466
Email: alz@docreit.com

Property Manager



Fire Panel and Fire Panel Monitoring

Sprinkler System and Testing

Wall-Mounted Fire Extinguishers

Back Flow Valve Testing

ADA Compliance

CO2 Detection

AED Devices

Emergency Exit Signage

Parking Summary


Building Access Control and Master Key System

Emergency Lock-Down Procedures

Surveillance Camera System

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Tenant Silent Alarms

Panic Stations

Evacuation Maps

Areas of Refuge

Insurance Provider

Disaster Response Vendor


13 Confirmed

2 At-Risk

6 Rejected

Document Center

AON Incident Report

Maintenance Contracts

Fire and Safety Vendor Service Agreement

Inspection Certificates/Reports

Fire Extinguisher Inspection - Exp. 05/28/2022
Elevator Certificate - Exp. 02/28/2022
Fire Alarm Inspection - Exp. 05/28/2022
Backflow Valve Inspection - Exp. 05/28/2022
Backup Battery Inspection - Exp. 05/28/2022