Lars Jensen – Aviation – Madison, Wisconsin

As a pilot, Lars offers a broad spectrum of aviation experience on the ground and in the air. He currently serves as captain and safety officer for a Fortune 100 flight department overseeing the department’s Safety Management System (SMS). The ultimate goal of this system is to identify and mitigate regulatory and physical risk before it occurs. Over the past twenty years 20 years, he has engaged with professionals within the FAA and NTSB and worked with airport developers and contractors.

Peder Swanson – Military and Consulting – Washington, D.C.

Recently retired as a ranking Brigadier General, Peder Swanson’s professional career has successfully combined senior leadership roles in the US Armed Forces with corporate experience in leadership & organizational development. He has held strategic roles in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and at Headquarters, Department of the Army. He served as a lead medical planner in Afghanistan, orchestrating the provision of care for U.S. and multinational troops. His life-saving, life-sustaining orientation as an Army medical plans & operations officer aligns with and informs the values, mission, and vision of Confirmed Life Safety.

Jonathan Swindle – Commercial Property Management – Chicago, Illinois

In his 17th year as the President of Waveland Property Group, Inc., Jonathan Swindle has become increasingly aware of his clients' legal responsibility to create and maintain a safe working environment. Waveland continues to raise the bar for tenant safety standards. Jonathan is a 15 year member of BOMA-Suburban Chicago, is a member of the Board of Directors and chairs the Healthcare Real Estate Committee. A frequent speaker at real estate forums, Jonathan brings a knowledge-based appreciation of life safety considerations to our team.

Lauren Fernandes – Corporate Consultancy – Houston, Texas

Lauren Fernandes’ senior leadership experience with Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) brings a management consulting background to the Confirmed team.  Her high-level engagement expertise, focus on assessing organizational strategy, health and strength, and management of client relationships all complement the Confirmed mission.  Lauren brings the heart and intellect of an organizational strategist to this endeavor. She has earned her M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.

Chris Haugen – General Contractor – Castle Rock, Colorado

As the President of White Construction Group in Colorado, Chris Haugen has already proven to be invaluable to the infrastructure domain of Confirmed’s life safety approach. His experience with building owners, architects, and field personnel provides a wealth of infrastructure-related insight. Chris brings the expertise of building codes and associated certification and inspection requirements, both in the construction and ongoing maintenance phases. His demonstrated vision and leadership in construction management add a vital skill set to the Confirmed team.

Randy Heinig - Lawyer – Risk Mitigation - Chicago, Illinois

As an attorney, Randy Heinig possesses a compliance and risk skill set perfectly suited to the work of Confirmed. He is the advisory board’s legal expert with a rich and diverse background in asset management, real estate, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate law. As an attorney, he has served in general counsel, managing director and compliance officer capacities. In recent years, he founded a boutique firm serving the compliance needs of asset managers and specializes in the use of analytics to provide deep insight into regulatory risk. Randy is a graduate of the Yale School of Law.

Academic Credentials

Wheaton College

University of Notre Dame

Yale Law School

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Grand Valley State

U.S. Army War College

University of Oklahoma