The CLS Protocol

The Need

  • Life Safety Documentation is no longer as simple as Elevator Certificates.

  • Landlords are held to a very high legal standard and tenants are seeking ‘proof of concern’.

  • Property Managers are drowning in ‘paper work’ while trying to run a building.

  • Leasing agents need to demonstrate landlord engagement to attract tenants.

The Proposal

  • Confirm Life Safety performs a 90 point audit of your property

  • The ‘report card’ is delivered to you confidentially within 14 days.

  • Each Life Safety category (Elevator Certificates, for example) is assigned an icon. (Green, Amber, or Red)

  • Confirmed Life Safety works with the property manager to quickly move each category to ‘green’.

  • Once clear, an assigned supervisor will perpetually monitor the status of the building.

  • Property managers are notified of contracts and certifications well before expiration. We become a resource to them.

  • Owners are notified of imminent expirations which may increase liability.

  • The Confirmed Life Safety plaques are displayed in common area to demonstrate a higher level of management.

  • This is an optional step to demonstrate concern and to show greater partnership with your tenants.

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The common concerns

  • Q Shouldn’t I expect my property manager to be doing this perfectly?

    A You can hope for that, but with the bureaucracy of inspections, things fall through the cracks. Very few buildings are all ‘green’.
    Third-Party inspections consistently promote accountability, higher standards and greater transparency.

  • Q What if my property passes with flying colors?

    A That would be good news. You may not need to outsource the supervision of these documents. There is no obligation.

  • Q If we look closely at the property isn’t it possible we will uncover lots of issues?

    A If you are concerned about that possibility, you absolutely should know what those problems are and put together a plan to reduce your liability.

  • Q Would this be a valuable service if I were buying or selling a building?

    A Like a 90 point automobile inspection, this is wise for the buyer, seller, lender, and insurer.

  • Q What are some examples of life safety categories?

    A Fire Extinguishers Tags
    Elevator Inspection Reports
    Fire Panel Monitoring Contracts
    Back-Flow Valve Inspection Reports
    Sprinkler-System Pressure Testing
    AED Device contracts
    COVID sanitation procedures
    Emergency Lock-Down Procedures
    Tenant Emergency Contact List Maintenance

  • Q We are trying to keep Tenant Expenses low. Will this be expensive?

    A The supervision of Life Safety is a common area expense that translates into pennies per square foot. Discounts are offered for multiple properties. Your property management and engineering staff can reallocate their time to tenant services. The service is able to be cancelled with 30 days-notice, any time. Insurance companies can be asked to lower premiums.

  • Q Can Confirmed Life Safety make affordable recommendations to improve the life safety of the property?

    A Absolutely. Our job is to lower your liability, increase tenant confidence and leasing, and a generally create a safer environment.

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