Physicians Realty Trust

329 Remington Blvd. Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Primary Use: Medical Office

Ownership Entity: Remington Development Partners, LLC

Square Footage: 37,240

Year Built: 2008

Property Management

Audit Completed by Kyle Arnold

Phone: 630-230-1225
Email: karnold@wavelandprop.com

Senior Property Manager



Fire Panel and Fire Panel Monitoring

Sprinkler System and Testing

Wall-Mounted Fire Extinguishers

Back Flow Valve Testing

ADA Compliance

CO2 Detection

AED Devices

Emergency Exit Signage

Parking Summary


Building Access Control and Master Key System

Emergency Lock-Down Procedures

Surveillance Camera System

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Tenant Silent Alarms

Panic Stations

Evacuation Maps

Areas of Refuge

Insurance Provider

Disaster Response Vendor

Supplemental emergency preparedness

Janitorial Vendor


22 Confirmed

1 At-Risk

0 Rejected

Document Center

Sprinkler/Backflow Map
Fire Alarm Floor Plan

Maintenance Contracts

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Agreement
Sprinkler Inspection Agreement
Elevator Service Agreement
Snow & Ice Removal
Facilities Service Agreement
Sub-Facilities Service Agreement

Inspection Certificates/Reports

Backflow Inspection - Exp. 01/20/2023
Fire Extinguisher Tag - Exp. 07/2022
Fire Alarm Inspection Tag - Exp. 02/22/2022
Fire Alarm Inspection - Exp. 03/02/2023
Sprinkler Inspection - Exp. 03/02/2023
Elevator Inspection - Exp. 05/04/2022
Fire Extinguisher Inspection Invoice - 06/13/20
Fire Department Inspection - 08/23/21

Report last updated on March 14, 2022.