Physician's Realty Trust

200 Banning Street Dover, DE 19904
Internal Designation: DE_0001
Trish Johnson

Trish Johnson

Facilities Management Partner


Pending materials
Sprinkler System
Pending materials
Backflow Valve
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Panel
Surveillance Camera System
ADA Compliance
AED Devices
Areas of Refuge
Building Access Control and Master Key System
Co2 Detection
Disaster Response Vendor
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Emergency Exit Signage
Emergency Lockdown Procedures
Evacuation Maps
Insurance Provider
Janitorial Vendor
Panic Stations
Parking Summary
Tenant Silence Alarms
4 Confirmed
0 At-Risk
0 Expired

Ongoing Property Monitoring

Property last updated August 3, 2023

Inspection Report/Certificates

Maintenance Agreements

File Share Log

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