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Fire Panels & Fire Panel Monitoring

Physical Location of Fire Panel

FACP Room South East Conner of the building access on exterior only.

Fire Panel Floor Plan

Download Floor Plan

Backup Power


Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

Allegiant Fire Protection

Fire Panel Inspection Certificate

Fire Alarm Inspection - Exp. 03/02/2023

Fire Panel Monitor Vendor

Village of Bolingbrook

Location Code and Password

02-2113 / password: 11111

Monitoring Service Contract


Monitoring Service Contact

Name: Village of Bolingbrook
Phone: 815-782-6789
Account Number: 116156

Audit Notes
Updated fire alarm inspection report provided by Kyle Arnold. File Updated. March 10, 2022 (JD)

Updated fire alarm inspection reports provided by Kyle Arnold. August 26, 2021 (JD)