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Fire Panels & Fire Panel Monitoring

Physical Location of Fire Panel

Mechanical Room - Lower Level

Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

JCI Johnson Controls North America
24755 Halsted Rd., Farmington Hills, MI. 48335

Fire Panel Inspection Certificate

Download Fire Panel Inspection (PDF) - Exp. (03/03/24)

Location Code and Password

CODE = H023282083 PASSWORD = 1

Monitoring Service Contract

Download Service Agreement (PDF) - Ends 06/30/25

Monitoring Service Vendor Contact

Name: JCI
Phone: 248-427-5050
Account Number: H023282083


Audit Notes

Valid fire panel inspection provided on April 13, 2023 by Pam Lightbody. Area marked confirmed. (JD)

Original data provided by Pam Lightbody on January 11, 2023 at 9:09 AM. (JD)