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Number of Elevators on Property


Elevator Inspection Certificates

Elevator Inspection Certificate - Exp. (08/01/23)

5 Year Elevator Inspection Report

5 Yr Elevator Inspection - Exp. (11/21/27)

Elevator Maintenance Vendor


Elevator Maintenance Contact

Account Rep: Martin Rogman
Phone Number: 630-130-1752
Emergency Maintenance Phone Number: 877-276-8691
Account Number: N264162

Elevator Inspector


Frequency of Inspection

Twice Annually

Maintenance Contract

Download Contract PDF - Perpetual

Not Applicable

Audit Notes

Received inspection certificate update for file from Nathan Sands. January 12, 2023 (JD)

Testing scheduled for 10/10. Vendor requested Operation Extension from State Fire Marshall. Approved on 31. Attached to report. August 31, 2022 (JD)

Updated elevator inspection certificate provided by Kyle Arnold on October 19, 2021. (JD)

Inspection certificates updated by Nathan Sands on August 20, 2021. (JD)