An Increasing Concern

A successful management firm in Chicago felt confident that their properties were being well-run and that tenant safety was a priority. After a fire closed a property for three days, they realized that intentions were not enough. Proof of concern was vital. Life Safety plans, evacuation strategies, contact lists, inspection reports, vendor contracts, certificates of occupancy, violation notices, and insurance claims were scattered throughout their digital files. In order to move to a proactive posture, they needed to establish a uniform life safety audit. It proved essential to have the audit performed by a non-biased, third-party outside the organization. The Confirmed Life Safety Audit became necessary, not optional.

A Clear Response

Confirmed Life Safety has assembled a team of industry leaders to design a thorough and efficient life safety audit. The Leadership Team is comprised of experts in the fields of property management, legal liability and negligence, code compliance, insurance protections, and cyber technology. Along with respected consultants and senior strategists with United States Department of Defense background, the Confirmed Team is raising the bar for life safety in commercial spaces.

An Opportunity to Improve

Confirmed works with your property management team to elevate the quality of tenant care, lower legal liability, and help to protect against a claim of negligence.

Ready to begin your building's life safety audit?

Request a Proposal



A proposal is requested


Within a day, a proposal and contract is delivered


Upon execution, the property management team receives an online survey


Data is gathered and compiled in the following areas:

Summary of General Ownership and Building Information
Audit of all certifications issues by municipalities by law or statute
Audit of all building automation equipment
Audit of all medical devices
Audit the current Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Posture
Audit of all external and internal security and surveillance equipment
Current copies of all contracts with vendors who provide ancillary services
Document Umbrella Liability Summary

Upon completion, a comprehensive summary is delivered to the Owner or Owner’s agent.


A listed of suggested improvements or potentially multi-year projects in delivered.


The Property Manager received a small token of appreciation for their time as well as a brushed-nickel lobby plaque to display in the lobby.