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Number of Elevators on Property

3 (2 passenger, 1 service)

Elevator Inspection Certificates

Download Inspection Certificate - Exp. (08/14/20)

Elevator Maintenance Vendor


Elevator Maintenance Contact

Account Rep: Adam
Phone Number: 248-867-8537

Elevator Inspector

State of MI

Frequency of Inspection


Maintenance Contract

Download Service Agreement (PDF) - Perpetual


Audit Notes

Nicole Byron stated recent numerous attempts to get the State to inspect the elevators without success. Still awaiting completion as of February 13, 2023 (JD)

Area marked at-risk due to severely expired inspection certificate with the stipulated inspection interval. Client notes that the State is behind on inspections. January 12, 2023 (JD)

Received initial data from Nicole Byron on January 11, 2023. (JD)