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Fire Panels & Fire Panel Monitoring

Physical Location of Fire Panel

Main Entrance Vestibule

Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

Redguard Fire and Security Inc

Fire Panel Inspection Report

Fire Panel #1 - Exp. 02/24
Fire Panel #2 - Exp. 02/24

Location Code and Password


Monitoring Service Contract

Download Service Agreement (PDF)

Monitoring Service Vendor Contact

Redguard Fire and Security Inc; Dave St. Germain cell: 248-640-6588, Office: 734-233-6000


Audit Notes

Updated Fire Panel inspection provided by Christopher Piligian on February 22, 2023. File updated and marked confirmed. (JD)

Original information provided by Christopher Piligian on January 23, 2023. Fire Panel Certificates received within one month of expiry. Account slated for reminder in 1 month. (JD)