Fire Panel & Fire Panel Monitoring

Fire Panel Location

First floor, inside lobby past elevators to the left side.

Fire Panel Floor Plan Backup Power


Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

Contech / Anthony Mika / (847) 502-2048

Fire Panel Inspection Certificate

Fire Panel Inspection - Exp. (11/30/23)

Fire Panel Monitor Vendor

DuComm (630) 690-8245

Fire Panel Location Code Password

Position #21-5659 / Password 21-5659

Fire Panel Monitoring Contract

No file provided.

Fire Panel Monitoring Contact Info

NorComm (630) 279-1778 – 21-5659


File Notes

07/29/2023 11:29 PM - Rick noted that the fire panel monitoring contract is being renewed and will be supplied to CLS when completed.

07/29/2023 11:29 PM - Initial information provided by Rick Barnett on July 26, 2023. (JD)