Number of Elevators

(3) Passenger serving floors 1 through 9 (traction) Passenger/Freight serving P1 through 9th floor (traction) Passenger elevator serving P2, P1, and 1st floor (hydraulic)

Maintenance Vendor

Urban Elevator

Maintenance Contact

Tom Cook / (708) 656-5512 Work / (708) 545-7791 Mobile / tomcook@urbanelevator.com


City of Oakbrook Terrace

Inspection Frequency

Monthly Fire Service Testing / Annual Category 1 Inspection with Vendor and Oakbrook Terrace / Semi-Annual Inspection with Oakbrook Terrace / 5 year category 5 Inspection with FAID Testing with the Vendor and Oakbrook Terrace / Elevator - Generator Power Testing

Maintenance Agreement

No file provided.

Elevator Inspection & Certificate(s)

Elevator Certificate - Exp. (09/30/23)

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5 Year Elevator Inspection Report

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File Notes

07/29/2023 11:21 PM - Initial materials provided by Rick Barnett, Director of Engineering on July 26, 2023. (JD)