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Sprinkler System and Testing

Pressure Test Vendor

Schambaugh & Sons

Frequency of Inspections


Inspection Contract

Download Contract PDF - Perpetual

5 Year Inspection

Download Inspection Report - 5 Year

Pressure Test Certificate

Download Certificate PDF - Exp. 01/10/2023

Audit Notes

Informed by Kyle that sprinkler inspection has been completed and passed. Awaiting documentation from vendor. January 27, 2023 (JD)

Notified that sprinkler inspection (expired as of 01/10) has been scheduled and is pending. January 12, 23 (JD)

New 5 year sprinkler inspection report provided on March 14. File updated. (JD)

Sprinkler inspection certificate received by Kyle Arnold and updated on March 10, 2022 (JD).