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Sprinkler System and Testing

Pressure Test Vendor

Schambaugh & Sons

Frequency of Inspections


Inspection Contract

Download Contract PDF - Perpetual

5 Year Inspection

Download Inspection Report - 5 Year

Pressure Test Certificate

Download Certificate PDF - Exp. (01/17/24)


Audit Notes

Received updated sprinkler inspection certificate from Jonathan Swindle on March 9, 2023. File updated and marked confirmed. (JD)

Informed by Kyle that sprinkler inspection has been completed and passed. Awaiting documentation from vendor. January 27, 2023 (JD)

Notified that sprinkler inspection (expired as of 01/10) has been scheduled and is pending. January 12, 23 (JD)

New 5 year sprinkler inspection report provided on March 14. File updated. (JD)

Sprinkler inspection certificate received by Kyle Arnold and updated on March 10, 2022 (JD).