Fire Panel & Fire Panel Monitoring

Fire Panel Location

Sprinkler room. Inside North entrance.

Fire Panel Floor Plan

No file provided.

Backup Power


Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

Micro Eye Security

Fire Panel Inspection Certificate

No file provided.

Fire Panel Monitor Vendor


Fire Panel Location Code Password

9750665 / password: 128

Fire Panel Monitoring Contract

No file provided.

Fire Panel Monitoring Contact Info

Name: SMG Phone: 1-866-799-5799 Account Number: 8561


File Notes

Updated fire panel inspection provided by Kyle Arnold on January 12, 2023. (JD)

Kyle Arnold provided updated Fire Panel Inspection. Loaded to file. August 23, 2021 (JD)

Kyle Arnold reached out to SMG for the monitoring agreement. Vendor stated a formal agreement is not required. August 23, 2021 (JD)