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Sprinkler System and Testing

Pressure Test Vendor

Allegiant Fire Protection

Frequency of Inspections


Inspection Contract

Sprinkler Inspection Agreement

Sprinkler Inspection Certificate (Quarterly)

Quarterly Sprinkler Inspection - Exp. (06/01/23)

Sprinkler Inspection Certificate (Annual)

Annual Sprinkler Inspection - Exp. (02/01/24)

Not Applicable

Audit Notes

Updated quarterly and annual sprinkler certificate received from Jonathan Swindle on April 10, 2023. (JD)

Property manager Kyle Arnold provided updated annual inspection certificate. June 3, 2022 (JD)

Updated quarterly sprinkler test inspection report provided by Kyle Arnold on March 10, 2022. File updated. (JD)

Kyle Arnold provided the updated Annual Sprinkler Test Inspection report on August 23, 2021. File has been updated. (JD)