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Generator Equipment

Cummins installed in ’08 engine# 750.odqfaa-7229298-a 750kw unit

Preventative Maintenance Contract

Download Agreement - Exp. 07/24

Inspection Report

Download Report - Exp. 03/28/23

Audit Notes

Nathan Sands provided the updated inspection report on April 12, 2022.(JD)

Nathan Sands provided the new agreement from Cummins. File loaded into report. (JD) 01/03/22

Followed up with Nathan Sands regarding the 3-year agreement's status. He is still awaiting the new contract from Cummins. Will follow up again in 2 months. (JD)

Informed by Nathan Sands that a pending 3-year agreement is in the works with Cummins. August 20, 2021 (JD)