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Generator Equipment

Cummins installed in ’08 engine# 750.odqfaa-7229298-a 750kw unit

Preventative Maintenance Contract

Download Agreement - Exp. 07/24

Inspection Report

Download Report - Exp. (02/11/24)


Audit Notes

Updated generator inspection and agreement provided by Nathan Sands on April 12, 2023. (JD)

Nathan Sands provided the updated inspection report on April 12, 2022.(JD)

Nathan Sands provided the new agreement from Cummins. File loaded into report. (JD) 01/03/22

Followed up with Nathan Sands regarding the 3-year agreement's status. He is still awaiting the new contract from Cummins. Will follow up again in 2 months. (JD)

Informed by Nathan Sands that a pending 3-year agreement is in the works with Cummins. August 20, 2021 (JD)