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Fire Panels & Fire Panel Monitoring

Physical Location of Fire Panel

Pump room southeast corner.

Fire Panel Floor Plan

Download Floor Plan - Perpetual

Backup Power

Backup generator

Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

SMG Security

Fire Panel Inspection Certificate

Download Inspection Certificate - Exp. 01/23

Fire Panel Monitor Vendor


Location Code and Password

Position 6338 No Password

Monitoring Service Contract

Download Monitoring Contract - Perpetual

Monitoring Service Contact

Name: Ducomm
Phone: 630-690-8245
Account Number: 6338

Audit Notes
(Updated 01/03/22)

Nathan Sands provided new fire panel inspection. File loaded into report. (JD)

Nathan Sands noted Fire Panel/Alarm inspection is done each December. It is scheduled for 12/10/21. Upon completion he will provide documentation. Will follow up on Building Engines through a Work Order by mid-January if needed. (JD)

Requesting more clarification on backup power from building engineer on August 21, 2021. (JD)