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Fire Panels & Fire Panel Monitoring

Physical Location of Fire Panel

Pump room southeast corner.

Fire Panel Floor Plan

Download Floor Plan - Perpetual

Backup Power

Backup generator

Fire Panel Inspection Vendor

SMG Security

Fire Panel Inspection Certificate

Download Inspection Certificate - Exp. (12/21/23)

Fire Panel Monitor Vendor


Location Code and Password

Position 6338 No Password

Monitoring Service Contract

Download Monitoring Contract - Perpetual

Monitoring Service Contact

Name: Ducomm
Phone: 630-690-8245
Account Number: 6338


Audit Notes

Updated fire panel inspection certificate received from Nathan Sands. File updated January 12, 23 (JD)

Nathan Sands provided new fire panel inspection. File loaded into report. (JD)

Nathan Sands noted Fire Panel/Alarm inspection is done each December. It is scheduled for 12/10/21. Upon completion he will provide documentation. Will follow up on Building Engines through a Work Order by mid-January if needed. (JD)

Requesting more clarification on backup power from building engineer on August 21, 2021. (JD)