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Backflow Valve - Fire - Exp. (07/17/24)


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07/17/2023 5:19 PM - Updated backflow valve (fire) provided by Nathan Sands and loaded today. Awaiting the additional backflow valve certificates which are expected early next week. (JD)

Nathan Sands: We have to rebuild all three of them and they had a fail with our last test earlier. I have the repair work happening next week and the new certs will have a pass. July 14, 2023 (JD)

Backflow inspection failed on January 27, 2023. Waiting on resolution. (JD)

Notified that back flow valve inspection is scheduled for next week. January 12, 2023 (JD)

Updated inspection report and load test received from Nathan Sands on January 20, 2021. (JD)

Updated Inspection Report received from Nathan Sands on August 20, 2021. (JD)